Memory Flowers™ is a completely new product (patent pending December 2014) from my company Memory Gifts™.
The way people display photographs around the home, has never really changed from when the first photographs were taken, back in 1839. Although you can get photographs on a whole host of products these days: mugs, key rings even t-shirts which is really good you do not want any of those things on perment display in your lounge - so you turn back to the good old faithful friend, the frame, whether it's digital or gold edged, it's still a frame.
Memory Flowers™ resulted from my idea of displaying photographs and other sentiments in a totally unique and interesting way, by incorporating them onto beautiful bespoke art sculpts which are guaranteed to last for years to come.
Sculpting Memory Flowers™ consists of seven stages;
~ Photographs.
~ Stems.
~ Petals. 
~ Stamens.
~ Embellishing.
~ Coating.
This process is for each and every flower.